Thursday, 6 October 2016

Learning and Teaching Induction program development review approach

Dear All

On October 24th and 25th the Teaching induction Fellowship team is coming together to workshop the development of the online Learning and Teaching Induction Program (LTIP). We will:
  • discuss implications for LTIP of the teaching induction literature, a survey of current teaching induction programs that we are in the process of completing, and  reports from program directors of three different teaching induction programs from the sector;
  • agree the outcomes of LTIP for participants and the principles that underpin LTIP;
  • consider issues such as assessment, badging, certification;
  • propose different models for LTIP, and agree a model;
  • determine the topic areas to be covered in LTIP and begin outlining same;
  • trial an approach that will enable consistency across LTIP; and
  • discuss what we need from a MOOC platform.
In the original fellowship application, we proposed the following review process for our development of LTIP:
  1. Post the workshop we will take the LTIP model that we have chosen, content topics that we have agreed, and other documents developed in the workshop and send those materials to a number of critical friends in the sector who have agreed to make comment on same, including the Fellowship reference group.
  2. In light of that feedback, hopefully by the end of November, we will discuss and make changes to our model, content, documentation and begin the development of the LTIP curriculum.
  3. As the content is developed, the curriculum will be reviewed by topic experts, members of the reference group, Fellowship team members and other critical friends.
  4. When the content is developed in the platform we choose, the fellowship team and fellowship reference group members will review the program and provide feedback before LTIP is piloted in semester 2, 2017.
 I would be grateful for any thoughts fellowship team members and critical friends of the fellowship (i.e. anyone who reads this blog), have on both the workshop elements and the LTIP development review process proposed.


  1. Hi Kym,

    this looks like it covers it - my only thought is use of texts (not sure how else to phrase that) - I wonder as well if there is scope or if we need to discuss institutional access or buy in - may be too soon for hat at this stage though. What I mean is how the "MOOC" will be accredited locally or whatever???

  2. Hi Kym,
    Looks like a good process, would suggest adding a space for talking about evaluation of program (lots of great work done in past OLT project). Embedding evaluation upfront gets people talking about the context and inputs, and the desired outputs, outcomes and impact of the program in concrete measurable ways. I think these are important so that program implementers have ready made evaluation tools (great for defending expenditure and use of uni resources).

  3. Dear Colleagues,
    I agree with Anna and Ellen. Accreditation, in my experience, is something that most (not everyone depending on their motivation) people want (as an incentive) to complete a program or PD offering...I'm still thinking and reflecting on this....although very pleased with the workshop activities on 24 and 25th...very much looking forward to hearing what others think and sharing their experience.

    (Marie Fisher)

  4. Yes, evaluation of program and project is definitely a must! Coralie's evaluation plan is of the project, so that is taken care of, but we need more than a Kirkpatrick satisfaction with the program to evaluate its impact and outcomes. The additional length for the Fellowship may provide enough time for a 'backward' look at impact on participants, but the best research indicates that impact can really only be measured 2+ years after the program, in terms of confidence, student-centred approaches etc.